Amphitheater Public Schools, AZ

Amphitheater Public Schools serve and educate more than 13.700 students in 21 schools. In 2015. the school district was ranked as the 3rd best school district in Arizona. Teachers are skilled and highly qualified. They participate in ongoing professional development, and many have national certification. They have excellent and well-proven strategies to enhance learning.

“The District’s entire experience with Conterra has been magnificent.
After dealing with Conterra for over a year. I can confidently say that we made the right decision in choosing Conterra to help build our new wireless WAN.”

“Conterra did a fantastic job of connecting the district’s schools and overcoming all the challenges that go along with such a complex project. My staff and I appreciate the quality of work and professionalism demonstrated by Conterra.”

Texas Region 14 Education Service Center, TX

Region 14 serves and supports the approximately 50,000 students in 42 school districts located in 13 counties. Services are delivered to over 3,900 professional educators and 200 administrators who impact the lives of children on 160 campuses. There are seven institutions for higher learning, including three universities, three colleges, and a technical college.

“There is always hesitation and doubt when beginning a new project of this scope and complexity After dealing with Conterra for the past three years, I can confidently say that WTTC made the right decision in choosing Conterra to help build our new wireless WAN.
Conterra’s project management was truly outstanding.”

Sanger Unified School District, CA

Sanger Unified School District is comprised of twenty-one schools: fourteen elementary sites, a middle school and one comprehensive high school. In additional, there are two K-8, one K-12 charter sites, an alternative education continuation school, an alternative education independent study school, a community day school, and an adult school. The district covers 180 square miles and serves a population of 31,000.

”We would highly recommend Conterra as an Ethernet service provider. Conterra has provided high¬≠speed broadband connectivity to our district for 5 years.
We have found their Ethernet service to be extremely reliable and the company very responsive.”

Texas Region 10 Education Service Center, TX

Region 10 Education Service Center, located in Richardson, Texas. provides services that impact more than 750,000 students and 65.000 educators in 80 public school districts. 41 charter schools. and numerous private schools in the 8 counties in north Texas that comprise the Region 10 service area.

“Conterra exceeded all of our requirements including a design that will support increased bandwidth in future years.”

Texas Region 17 Education Service Center, TX

Region 77 is based in Lubbock. Texas, which is the center of commerce and largest city in the area, with a population of more than 797,000. Region 77 serves schools outside the city of Lubbock, consisting of twenty counties and 78,966 square miles. There are 57 public school districts along with four charter schools and private schools that receive services from ESC-77.

“Due to the vast size and geographic location of our independent school districts, ubiquitous high-speed broadband services have not been readily available to the majority of our school districts. Conterra built. manages, and supports our state-of-the-art Ethernet network on a 24/7/365 basis and guarantees network performance and reliability.”

El Paso Independent School District, TX

El Paso Independent School District is the largest district in the Texas Education Agency’s Educational Service Center -Region 19. With nearly 60.000 students in 94 campuses. EPISD also is the 10th largest district in Texas and the 61st largest district in the United States. It also is El Paso’s largest employer with nearly 9,000 employees and has an annual operating budget of $483 million.

“Conterra Broadband provides us with a highly-reliable, scalable, private WAN that delivers dedicated 70 Gbps to every EPISD high school. and 7 Gbps to middle and elementary schools. This private network allows our technology platforms to evolve within a cloud-based environment; it is essential for student learning.”

Northside Independent School District, TX

Northside Independent School District (NSISD) serves approximately 106,000 students and 13.000 staff members. The fast-growing school district is the largest in San Antonio and the fourth largest in the State of Texas covering over 350 square miles.

“We recognized that our current network was not able to support our future educational technology needs, we needed a scalable solution to address our district’s
mission of providing innovative. high-quality, diverse learning experiences for all students in an ever-changing world. As a specialized fiber-optic network provider, Conterra will provide us a dedicated, resilient, fiber-optic network that will serve us and the community for many years.”