Case Study

Bayou Powersports Improves Service While Lowering Cost

When northeast Louisiana’s premiere powersports destination struggled with their business internet service, they turned to Conterra Networks for a new solution. Our local sales team was happy to jump in and help. They listened carefully to the general manager and learned exactly how the dealership’s internet connection was failing them, which made it easy to recommend the right customized solution to suit their needs.


500/250 Mbps

  • Problem 1: Internet speeds were just too slow

    Bayou Powersports’ previous internet speeds were insufficient for the needs of a business of their size. With just 50Mb up and 10Mb down, they simply didn’t have the bandwidth to support the systems they had in place. Conterra recommended a FLEX 500/250 fiber service line, which immediately increased Bayou Powersports’ download speed tenfold and increased uploads by an incredible 25x.

  • Problem 2: They wanted to keep their analog phone system

    While the company’s previous internet connection was too slow, the dealership had somewhat recently invested into a brand-new analog phone system that they liked and wanted to keep. Not a problem. Our local service team set up an analog handoff which allowed Bayou Powersports’ current phone system to work flawlessly on our flex fiber solution.

  • Problem 3: The old service provider was too expensive

    In addition to being unhappy with the quality and the reliability of their old service, management at Bayou Powersports thought they might be paying too much for their internet connection.

    The Conterra sales professional assigned to their account was able to go above and beyond for their client, cutting their bill almost in half while drastically improving their service.

  • Problem 4: They had poor experiences with the previous provider’s customer service team

    Fixing Bayou Powersports’ frustrations over customer service concerns was easy. Conterra provides industry-leading local service, both from the boots on the ground, and at the NOC (Network Operations Center) available 24x7x365.

Results Success

Bayou Powersports has been very happy with their FLEX 500/250 fiber internet solution and even happier with the high level of personal service they have received since making the switch to Conterra Networks.

What’s next for Bayou Powersports?

While the company is currently happy with their analog phone system running off our 100% fiber optic network, there’s been talk about eventually upgrading to VoIP (Voice over IP). Conterra’s cloud-based voice platform helps businesses be even more efficient, with leading-edge VoIP services and solutions.

Case Study

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative and WCFIBER

When the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative and broadband partner WCFIBER sought to use broadband funding to deliver Smart Grid and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) across the county, they needed the right fiber infrastructure and network access, backed by committed service and support teams. Conterra was able to service and support the partnership throughout a successful implementation utilizing the existing dark fiber network throughout the county.


Smart Grid Services

Problem 1: Rural American homes lack fiber service

Bringing FTTH to rural America remains a challenge for today’s modern economy. To allow all people, regardless of where they live, to compete on the same level technologically, wide-bandwidth fiber optic networks must be designed for and installed throughout rural communities.

Problem 2: Rural power grids are in need of upgrading

Smart Grid technology is an advanced electricity network that utilizes digital tools to effectively and efficiently monitor, manage and transport electricity from generation sources to residential and business consumers according to fluctuations in demand. As rural communities are often served by outdated grid technology, the expansion of Smart Grid into underserved areas is needed.

Problem 3: Rural counties require higher-quality telecommunications services

BREC and WCFIBER needed to provide advanced, high-quality, scalable, reliable telecommunications services to all businesses and residences throughout the county but did not have access to sufficient bandwidth or the right network infrastructure.

Conterra’s Solution

By providing Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) of fiber tubes throughout our county-wide network, Conterra delivered all required fiber optic infrastructure for BREC and WCFIBER to deploy Smart Grid and FTTH technologies to previously unserved communities. Key to the project’s success was providing sufficient access points to the network along with OSP, service and support teams.

Results and KPIs

Conterra’s fiber network infrastructure and related support systems and teams were a perfect fit to match the partnership’s unique Smart Grid and FTTH funding requirements. Funding was approved to bring broadband to every location within the county and timely implementation quickly delivered services to all targeted locations.

Successful Key Performance Indicators from the implementation included:

  • Time to Market
  • Network Resiliency
  • Service Uptime
  • Service Delivery Capability
  • Operational Support

Future solutions for BREC and WCFIBER

Moving forward, the BREC/WCFIBER partnership plans to contract additional network access through Conterra as funding for further expansion becomes available. This service model creates a fast to market solution that delivers Smart Grid, FTTH and communication services faster and at a lower cost to local businesses and residences than the competition, which protects the region from legacy or external providers who are not fully committed to serving the community long-term.

Meet Conterra

With 15,000 fiber miles in its network, Conterra Networks is one of the largest remaining independent broadband infrastructure companies in the United States. Its optical fiber and fixed wireless network bring unparalleled reliability and capacity, and exceptional support to its enterprise customers. The company is owned by affiliates of APG and Fiera, along with significant participation by the company’s senior management team. For more information about Conterra Networks, please visit