For nearly three decades, Conterra’s professionals have been designing, building, and operating new-technology-based telecom networks in the education, healthcare, enterprise, and carrier industries throughout the U.S. Over the years, we’ve continued using leading-edge technologies to solve problems of slow, unreliable Internet and phone connections, as well as obsolete data, media and video transport circuits.

Today, more than ever, bandwidth drives business. Using fiber, fixed-wireless and hybrid solutions, we continue to offer huge bandwidth capacity to these industries with forward-facing technologies and service.

Fiber allows our network infrastructures to have virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity at the speed of light! This means we can deliver the highest levels of connectivity and reliability to our customers without worry. Our custom-built networks and robust services allow us to tailor comprehensive solutions that fit any business or organization. And we deliver these solutions without compromising security or service quality.

Meet Our Team

We are a hands-on, on-the-ground team of telecommunications professionals, with over 25 years’ experience, who will work with integrity to deliver metro and rural environments with high-quality, flexible networks that will enable limitless communications.

Our Customer Commitment

Fiber driven. People powered. Our slogan reinforces our customer commitment. Conterra delivers the network you need, but it is our people—and how much we care before, during, and after the build—that truly sets us apart.

We are committed to providing fiber-driven solutions for even the highest-bandwidth consuming organizations, and to employing and empowering highly qualified people to serve you better than any other provider. These drives have been with us since the beginning.

We maintain the highest levels of integrity and reliability when partnering with organizations that share our vision and commitment to performance excellence. This commitment has served us and our customers well over the decades and has given us the confidence to say that we offer better service than any other provider.

Industries We Serve

We recognized that our current network was not able to support our future educational technology needs. We needed a scalable solution to address our district’s mission of providing innovative, high-quality, diverse learning experiences for all students in an ever-changing world. …Conterra will provide us a dedicated, resilient, fiber-optic network that will serve us and the community for many years.

Lori Jones, NISD Assistant Superintendent Technology Services, TX

Why Conterra?

Our team of dedicated professionals have been designing, building, and operating networks throughout the United States for three decades.

Benefit from the most effective solution with a customized arrangement of transport services to fit your specific needs.

Choose from fiber, microwave, and hybrid networks to address your communications needs – no matter where.

Partner with an experienced, high-capacity network provider for communications solutions that enable your organization to grow and expand.

Experience industry-leading performance with 99.99% availability in every network we design, build, and manage.

Meet Conterra

With 15,000 fiber miles in its network, Conterra Networks is one of the largest remaining independent broadband infrastructure companies in the United States. Its optical fiber and fixed wireless network bring unparalleled reliability and capacity, and exceptional support to its enterprise customers. The company is owned by affiliates of APG and Fiera, along with significant participation by the company’s senior management team. For more information about Conterra Networks, please visit