An interview with Conterra’s CTO, Chris Harris

What does WiFi 6E mean for your business?

Advances in wireless technology historically have a positive impact on fiber transport services, whether indirectly or realized over time. WiFi 6E expansion over the current WiFi 6 spectrum into the 6GHz frequency band allows more bandwidth capacity usage and allows more devices to connect without congestion. WiFi 6E also allows for faster upload and download speeds due to the extended spectrum allocation. These wireless advancements must be fed into a fiber transport connection.

The constant advancement of applications, content streaming, device interconnections (M2M), machine automation, and virtual reality drives capacity needs within businesses and consumers. Consumer demands also drive faster response, lower-latency, and seamless connections, which, in combination with the technical advancements, will establish a new baseline for transport to the cloud, internet, or wide area networks (WAN).

What does the new infrastructure bill mean for access to the internet for my business/enterprise?

There is a renewed focus on improving fiber and network infrastructure to meet a new expected baseline of service forming for communities, residents, and businesses. It can also mean that there is or will be high-speed, reliable service where there once was no provider.

The pandemic altered priorities and the amount of money entering the industry is promising. However, patience should be exercised as this will put pressure on a currently fragile and recovering supply chain. Access to network equipment and human resources will pose a challenge to bringing new services online quickly in some areas, an issue that Conterra Networks is actively working to resolve.

What does this mean for Conterra and the communities we serve?

Conterra is participating in these programs and has recently been awarded funds to expand fiber infrastructure deeper into communities. We have been developing a Community Connect architecture over the last 18 months and are committed to supporting the growth of our markets and customers. If our customers’ capabilities grow, we will grow as well.

What are the advantages of quality internet connections, whether it is via ethernet, WiFi, or dark fiber?

Businesses can advance on their use of technology if they have confidence in their connections to the internet, cloud, etc. Low bandwidth speeds, high latency, or high costs can cause business owners to not invest in next-generation applications that promote or drive their businesses forward. This confidence also impacts consumers in end user technologies, presenting similar reluctance in use and investment.

How does Conterra differ from other providers in providing my business with a solid internet connection?

Conterra grew by focusing on custom-built, private networks that are designed to meet the resiliency, redundancy, and throughput of the client. This guides our engagements with customers and the robustness we evaluate in our customized solutions and network planning. We remain focused on symmetrical speeds with no throttling and understanding the reliability requirements of our customers’ needs.

Conterra doesn’t offer solutions based solely on technology. We lean into human engagement and understanding the objective of our customers and users. Prioritizing humans working with humans, we can offer solutions that effortlessly meet or exceed their expectations.

Conterra has vast experience with mediums, fiber, or wireless, and architectural options with an eye towards future bandwidth consumption needs. We leverage our extensive knowledge to effectively deliver new, over-the-top solutions to our markets.

What type of new offerings, such as growth or innovative solutions, are coming up for Conterra in the next year?

As always, we are committed to a community connect focus. In addition to the infrastructure grants that will expand fiber plant and network capabilities, we are excited about the digital transformation we are launching as well as the new IT & Security divisions we created this past quarter.

After a rapid succession of M&A activity in 2018 and since taking over the CTO/CIO role in late 2019, my team and I have been building a vision to overhaul our systems and enhance the customer experience, driving further efficiencies into our business processes through automation and data. Enabling our employees and business to make confident and swift decisions by placing trusted, real-time data in their hands will drive confidence for our customers.

Conterra Networks delivers the fastest and most efficient fiber technology and it is our people that make it happen. Contact us today and let’s discuss a custom solution that is built for your business