Conterra Networks provides over $40M of fiber-based student home internet solutions.

The FCC explains that internet access is a necessity for work and school. However, almost “17 million school children lack internet access at home, creating a nationwide Homework Gap that left unsolved could be become an opportunity gap.”1 The FCC is spearheading initiatives to eliminate the Homework Gap. Conterra Networks would like to congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel’s confirmation as the leader of the FCC. Rosenworcel is a leader dedicated to resolving this crisis.

Within our communities, schools and libraries have been working diligently to ensure that students and staff have access to quality internet. To meet the need, schools have requested over $6.4 billion of Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Program funds2 to provide connected devices and Internet connectivity at home.

Conterra Networks provided solutions for over $40 million of services to our Fiber Network customers to extend our dense fiber networks to the unserved areas and connect students and staff to quality internet at home. We partner with industry leaders to provide comprehensive broadband solutions that connect students with fiber-based Internet services, fixed wireless with gig speeds and symmetrical bandwidth, and WiFi 6 Meshed networks with dense fiber backbones.

Conterra Networks provides solutions for our Fiber Network Customers to support quality Internet service at home. Click here to contact Conterra Networks to see how we can work together to connect your unserved students. Let’s work together and eliminate the Homework Gap.


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