Connecting your business to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) using your standard internet service can lead to lower stability, higher latency and greater security risks. In this post, we’ll explain how Cloud Connect from Conterra is the smarter way to link your organization’s network to the cloud.

Conterra can help you make the most of cloud-based services such as Azure, AWS and Microsoft, with faster, more consistent performance and dramatically improved protections against intrusions and malicious attacks.

The basics of Cloud Connect

Up until fairly recently, the only available option for connecting a business network to a CSP was to use the public internet – but as cloud computing brought on demands for higher throughput, lower latency, improved reliability and enhanced security – a new way to connect businesses to the cloud was needed.

Fortunately, a solution was quickly discovered.

CSPs noted that all network service providers were already located at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), which are carrier neutral data centers located all around the world. By physically connecting their cloud to IXPs, Cloud Service Providers could extend a direct connection to network service providers to bypass the public internet and create a type of private network between end users and cloud services.

Direct connections have limitations such as single connection per Cloud Provider environment,  rigid scalability and overall higher economic impact on your organization. Cloud Connect provides valuable benefits to organizations that rely on cloud-based services to operate. The technology allows businesses to connect to cloud providers by using virtual cross-connects to access multiple cloud environments with a single connection.

Benefits of Cloud Connect

  • Improved performance and stability when using cloud compute resources
  • Cloud Connect provides a dependable connection to CSP services at guaranteed fast speeds
  • Enhanced stability and lower latency for connections between businesses and cloud vendors
  • Private connection to a multi cloud environment with a more secure connection between the different clouds
  • Simplify multi cloud connectivity by linking multiple cloud environments to any network resource
  • Flexible, virtual interconnection within the Equinix FabricSecure fiber-based connection

Conterra Cloud Connect is fully scalable

Dynamically connect your business to a distributed, flexible, reliable, high-capacity cloud connectivity solution with no rigid bandwidth or cloud provider limitations. Conterra Cloud Connect prepares your business for the future as it easily scales to meet expansions of your cloud environment while delivering highly-reliable carrier class services with guaranteed performance.To learn more about Conterra Cloud Connect, contact your local sales representative at 1-888-266-4836.