Working with a telecom provider that’s committed to investing in your business will set your organization up for long-term success.

But how can you know for certain if a given provider is looking to make a quick sale or to build a lasting partnership that’s mutually beneficial?

One way, is to look at the provider’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to determine the precise standards they’re promising and exactly what will happen if they don’t perform.

At Conterra, we understand that backing up our promises matter. That’s why our Performance Guarantee of 99.99% availability is built into every SLA for every network we design, build, and manage.

Why your SLA matters

SLAs act as a blueprint of the service to be completed by your telecom vendor and can protect the reputation and continuity of your operations by setting clear guidelines you can count on.

Typically, an SLA is comprised of five elements:

  • Services – this section outlines the specific benefits to be delivered by your telecom provider
  • Measurement – metrics that quantify obligations are required in order to measure performance and delineate if and when service levels aren’t met
  • Contract length – SLAs should specify the time frame they are in place for and the intervals for when the agreement may be altered or renegotiated
  • Penalties – a strong SLA will outline the financial recompense or credits to be provided by the vendor in the case of failure to meet service level commitments
  • Termination clause – this section provides the customer the option to terminate the contract in the event of chronic SLA shortcomings

Your SLA doesn’t just give you peace of mind and hold your telecom provider accountable, it’s an assurance that gives you the confidence to invest in your business and grow. It’s a way to expand transparency and build stronger business relationships with the vendors and providers you count on most.

What Makes Conterra’s SLAs Different

Trusting that your network will always be available is just the beginning, when you connect to a private network built, designed and managed by Conterra, all aspects of network performance are also covered. For both Fiber DIA and Fiber Ethernet, Conterra offers an SLA of 99.99% network availability to on-net locations, with impressive class of service commitments for ethernet networks.

Conterra delivers a mean-time-to-repair service level objective of under four hours calculated as a monthly average of the time taken to repair all service outages on a circuit. In the event that Network Availability SLA is not met in a given month, a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) credit will be awarded, starting at 5% for outages as short as 4 minutes, on a sliding scale up to 50% of MRC for a single outage of 24 hours or more.

For further reassurance, if any site experiences a service interruption of one hour or more for three consecutive months, the outage will be considered chronic and the customer will have the option to cancel that location with zero penalty for early termination.

Given the importance of voice communications to business operation, additional VoIP SLAs are provided:

  • Average monthly jitter performance will not exceed 2.0 millisecond
  • Monthly average Mean Opinion Score (MOS) performance, calculated using the standards-based E-model (ITU-T G.107), will not drop below 4.0

Learn More about Conterra’s Uptime Performance Guarantee

Partner with an experienced, high-capacity network provider for communications solutions that enable your organization to grow. We don’t just say we offer industry leading performance with 99.99% availability in every network we design, build, and manage – we put it in writing.


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