In today’s business world, the ability to innovate relies heavily on having the right technology and infrastructure in place to reliably handle critical business applications and rapidly increasing bandwidth needs. The American economy runs on fiber and businesses are fast discovering that nothing short of an exceptional network will do.

Across the country, businesses of all sizes are finding themselves stretched too thin when it comes to IT resources. Legacy digital infrastructure is often pushed to the max, leading many enterprises to seek out leading-edge fiber network providers like Conterra who provide business-only services on lightning-fast infrastructure built from the ground up.

Local businesses across every industry need greater capacity, faster speeds and more reliability to reach their full potential. We’re here to make that happen.

3 reasons fiber connectivity is the solution for tomorrow

Modern business strategy is built on the premise that reliable, scalable connectivity will be available. Fiber is the solution that will support this future growth.

  1. Upgrading existing legacy telecom infrastructure leads to patchwork design and extra latency that slows down throughput and productivity. 100% fiber network providers like Conterra design and build networks from the ground up that are capable of meeting modern enterprise needs.
  2. As the need for additional bandwidth explodes, fiber optic technology is able to keep pace. Innovations in new network infrastructure are making it possible to move quantities of data once thought impossible.
  3. The more a business relies on its network, the greater the cost when there’s an outage. With 99.99% network reliability, Conterra fiber is the clear choice for protecting against lost productivity.

Customized fiber solution case study

When Bayou Powersports turned to Conterra to get help with a failing business internet connection, we quickly identified a lack of bandwidth as the source of the problem. A FLEX 500/250 fiber service line immediately resolved all their issues, even saving the Honda dealer money in the process.

  • Internet speeds were increased 10x for downloads and 25x for uploads
  • Our local service team successfully integrated the company’s new analog phone system with the new network using an analog handoff
  • The company cut their service bill almost in half while enjoying drastically better performance and service
  • The dealership is now set up for a future upgrade to VoIP (Voice over IP) and cloud computing

Bayou Powersports management were also very frustrated with the poor customer service they had received from their previous provider. This made Conterra’s industry-leading local service a perfect fit, providing boots on the ground and the 24x7x365 support team on call at the NOC (Network Operations Center).

Transform your business with fiber connectivity

To date, Conterra has built and managed more than 15,000 fiber miles to serve local businesses across the country with symmetrical service and speeds of up to 10 Gbps and 99.99% network reliability. Learn more about our internet solutions or call 1-888-266-4836 to speak with your local sales representative.