Conterra Announces Completion of ESC Region 15 Fiber Build

Charlotte, NC—Sept. 8, 2020: Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings, Inc. (“Conterra Networks” or “Conterra”), one of the largest independent fiber infrastructure services providers in the United States, announced the completion of a $40 million fiber-optic network traversing 18 Counties in West Texas that will bring dedicated high-speed broadband to approximately 25,000 students, teachers and administrators in 36 school districts that are a part of Education Service Center Region 15 (“ESC Region 15”). In addition, the company is announcing it is immediately launching fiber-based services to businesses within San Angelo and Brownwood.

This state-of-the-art fiber network, one of the most extensive K-12 deployments in Conterra’s history, was made possible through the joint efforts of ESC Region 15, the State of Texas, Texas Education Agency, the Federal E-Rate program and Conterra.  Conterra is committed to utilize this high-capacity, high-speed broadband infrastructure to support the communities it serves directly and through partnerships across the region.  

The network expansion is in addition to several others Conterra recently completed within Texas that were driven by a combination of new multi-year commercial contract awards and strategic plans to expand its fiber network in its core geographic market of Texas.  As a result of its recent network expansion efforts, Conterra and its partners will be able to provide communities throughout the 18-county region with a new option for high-speed internet, data, and voice solutions. 

Conterra’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Craig Gunderson, commented, “We are  excited about this project for ESC Region 15 and what it means for thousands of teachers and students to have access to high speed broadband delivered over a brand new, state of the art, fiber network.  Our network expansion plans within Texas will enable us and our partners to serve new communities including those within San Angelo and Brownwood. These communities will now have a new choice for fiber-based services.”

Mr. Gunderson continued, “This latest network expansion is a part of a multi-year plan to strategically invest capital and resources across the State of Texas.  In addition to the extraordinary work performed by our employees who supported this project under strict deadlines, we also commend the dedication and support of ESC Region 15, state and federal officials for their efforts to expand availability of fiber-based broadband services in Texas.”

Dr. Casey Callahan, Executive Director of ESC Region 15, commented, “We needed a partner like Conterra Networks that constructs and manages high-bandwidth fiber connectivity to implement our strategic digital learning initiatives and to meet our future connectivity needs.  We chose an experienced provider with a demonstrated track record of success delivering high-speed broadband in Texas.”

About Conterra Networks.  Conterra is one of the largest private providers of fiber-based services in the United States, operating approximately 12,500 fiber route miles.

SOURCE Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLC