The need for high bandwidth fiber optic networks in schools is clear. Faster internet facilitates better connectivity between students and teachers while enabling remote capabilities such as video lectures, online assessment, e-learning and more.

But what’s not so obvious is the value VoIP can offer these same educational facilities. For all the reasons VoIP works for businesses, Conterra Voice is great for schools, too.

Innovation that goes beyond a traditional phone system

Modern VoIP systems provide functionality and flexibility that was never available with traditional telephony technology. Unlike a traditional phone system that was difficult to expand, upgrade or change, Conterra Voice can easily scale to match the ever-changing dynamics of your school, to effectively future proof your unified communications needs. Conterra Voice also requires very little on-site equipment and minimal maintenance. VoIP systems are easily managed, with no upgrades, no updates and no hardware revisions.

Streamline your school’s communication platform

Conterra Voice fully supports secure remote access and video collaboration without any additional capital investment. By moving all communications needs onto a single platform, the system becomes easier to manage and easier to integrate. A single platform is more effective and more efficient.

In addition, upgrading to Conterra Voice puts an integral part of Cloud strategy in place for further streamlining of IT systems.

Use existing infrastructure

Conterra Voice packages provide SIP trunking capable of using the infrastructure already in place to create a full-featured hosted phone system.

Collaborate more effectively

Conterra Voice improves the effectiveness of communications touch points, whether you’re working with students, teachers, administrators or parents. As more collaboration solutions become available, setting up a video conference can be done with the touch of a button. Video Chatbots or Eventbots further enhance your school’s options for communicating.

Hosted PBX allows the administration to embrace a multi-channel communication approach via, video, SMS, Voice, streaming and mobile. And as innovations enter the space, you’ll be ready to implement and take advantage of new technology immediately, without the need for additional capital investment.

Effortless integration

Conterra Voice makes it easy for students and teachers to enjoy the same user experience across all devices, including the school phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. All while replacing old tech like fax lines with new technology.

Cost reduction

Because infrastructure is in place, the cost of running and maintaining the platform saves money over traditional telephony systems.

Get started

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Don’t forget to ask about the FCC’s E-rate program. Your facility may be eligible for federal assistance in funding the underlying infrastructure needed to run Hosted Voice. We support K-12 organizations through the E-rate process, helping you to futureproof your network with a fiber-optic high-speed broadband connection. Conterra’s network services are 100% E-Rate Category 1 eligible.