The tech Conterra Networks invests in for our clients creates better communications internally and externally. Recently, Conterra upgraded our unified communications platform to WebEx! What does this mean for your business? More potential for growth utilizing a reliable, cloud-based service resource.

New Customers Automatically Integrate with WebEx

At Conterra, we waste no time onboarding our clients with our most powerful resources. WebEx brings teams together in a collaborative environment that offers advanced messaging, hassle-free video conferencing, and crystal clear voice and video calling capabilities.

As of July 5, 2022, new customers receive a free WebEx license for their desktop and mobile devices when a OneVoice Premium seat is purchased.

Existing Customers Can Integrate with WebEx Today 

Are you currently using Drive UC Mobility? If so, you’re eligible to upgrade your license to WebEx at no cost! Please keep in mind that the following is required for you to access our newest WebEx features:

  • New software must be downloaded and installed
  • Create new usernames and passwords

And, just like that, you are part of a new and improved cloud-based service!

One Central Platform Enabling Rich and Engaging Interactions

Conterra is constantly integrating new tech that supports our clients’ needs. WebEx provides the ability for your company to host or join secure meetings, contact teammates at lightning speed, and keep your virtual workspace buzzing with activity from anywhere and everywhere on one central platform.

All your essential communications, all in one place! WebEx unifies:

  • Calling: Cloud-based phone system enables incoming and outgoing calls from any device.
  • Meetings: Minimized interruptions deliver more engagement during meetings.
  • Messaging: Secure file sharing, whiteboard, and workflow capabilities for your team.
  • Whiteboarding: Creatively drive solutions from any device.
  • Asynchronous Video: Convenient communication options allow you to work collaboratively no matter your business hours.
  • Webinars: Simplified, immersive delivery that creates an interactive experience.

Purchase a OneVoice Premium seat and receive a free WebEx license for your desktop and mobile device!

WebEx creates solid teams and relationships that are problem-solving powerhouses. Get the support you need with uninterrupted calls, messages, and collaboration. Reach out to Conterra Networks today to become a part of our growing communications success stories!