Conterra Networks is celebrating 21 years of doing business! Founded in 2001, we are one of the largest remaining independent broadband infrastructure companies in the United States, based on our optical fiber and fixed wireless network assets and annual recurring revenues. Our CEO, Craig Gunderson, talked more about how Conterra Networks started, the markets we serve, and our connection to our community in iHeartMedia’s podcast, CEO’s You Should Know.

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At Conterra, we maintain the highest levels of integrity and reliability when partnering with organizations that share our vision and commitment to performance excellence. This commitment has served us and our customers well over the decades and has given us the confidence to say that we offer better service than any other provider.

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Audio transcript:

iHeartMedia host: iHeartMedia’s CEOs You Should Know. This week, Craig Gunderson of Conterra Networks. Let’s see how it all started.

Craig Gunderson: Conterra started about 20 years ago, really serving school districts around the country and bringing schools high-end bandwidth and high-end capabilities for all the schools and school districts to talk to one another. Then, over time, we started serving wireless carriers and other kinds of carriers with our fiber networks. Fiber is, is today, and has been for quite some time now, the greatest way to allow bigger and bigger bandwidth coming through the fiber – and what do we want to be, who do we want to be – and we came up with a tagline of: “Fiber Driven, People Powered.” We serve the education community with purpose-built networks. We serve wireless carriers and all other carriers utilizing our networks, but from the business-to-business community, which is a huge focus for us right now, is really going in, utilizing brand new high-end fiber networks to meet the specific needs of business customers in the markets that we serve.

iHeartMedia host: And with Conterra being based right here in Charlotte, the talent pool recognizes that Charlotte is definitely full of opportunity.

Craig Gunderson: You have all these young people seeing tremendous opportunity everywhere, with all these businesses that need talent, that the people that – you know, that are moving here have – so you just have it building on itself. And so, all the different pieces are here: great place to live, great place to work, lots of talent, great businesses, in a wonderful place.

iHeartMedia host: Craig Gunderson with Conterra Networks on iHeartMedia’s CEOs You Should Know.