CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings, Inc. (“Conterra Networks”) is expanding its private Ethernet solution to enable enterprise, education, and government customers to connect their 100% fiber Ethernet network services to Equinix Fabric®. This will allow customers to securely connect to hundreds of cloud, infrastructure, and service providers with automated, same-day connectivity.

Conterra recognized shifting market demands and leveraged Equinix Fabric to support multi-cloud networking initiatives. Now, Conterra Cloud Connect customers can establish Equinix Fabric as a node on the Conterra Ethernet network.

“Conterra empowers our communities and customers to connect differently to reach their most valued content, compute engines, and storage providers with world-class partners,” said Michael Brady, Conterra Networks Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer. “Equinix is our vendor of choice, powering our suite of “Cloud Connect” solutions. This integration directly connects our education, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and WISP customers to their most critical internet resources for positive outcomes.”

“Businesses of all sizes need a solution for securely exchanging data with their business partners. We’re excited to be working with Conterra Networks to expose their customers to our global ecosystem of service providers, using the private, scalable interconnection capabilities of Equinix Fabric.” said Dawn Howell, Director of Product Management, Equinix Fabric.

Conterra Cloud Connect customers can get access to multiple cloud environments with a single Ethernet connection at guaranteed fast speeds. Cloud Connect offers enhanced stability, lower latency, and simplified multi-cloud connectivity. The solution is part of Conterra’s cloud services strategy.