Our company’s guiding principles are more than just what we stand for. They are what differentiates us in the market and the foundation of why our customers believe in what we do. To understand how Conterra is different than other telecom providers, all you have to do is take a look under the hood and see what makes us tick.

It Starts with Integrity

Being open, honest and fair in everything we do sets the stage for lasting client-provider relationships and making Conterra a fantastic place to work. We value integrity in both external and internal endeavors, which leads to exceptionally personal and invested customer service.

After all, how can you trust a company that doesn’t tell the truth?

Teamwork Pulls us all in the Same Direction

A company that builds networks needs to function like a network. No individual contributor, skill or role matters more than the sum of our high-energy team’s parts. From NOC technicians to our sales team to design engineers to those physically laying fiber out in the field, we’re all members of one team with one mission – enabling limitless communications opportunities for our customers.

Our “Can Do” Attitude Gets the Job Done

At Conterra, we understand that nothing ever gets accomplished by complaining. Working with cutting-edge technology, challenges will arise, this is the nature of the business – but instead of getting frustrated, we encourage our team to get excited. Excited about the prospect of solving the riddle and finding a way to get the job done.

And to support our believe that a positive attitude matters, we reward employees who exemplify this axiom.

Respect Leads to Value

Crafting balanced solutions for our customers means looking at problems from a wide range of perspectives and listening to the opinions of all team members and stakeholders. Taking diverse individual points of view into account and respecting that all viewpoints should be appreciated equally leads to true value creation for our company and the customers we serve.

Ingenuity is the Ultimate Differentiator

To create services and solutions that delight our customers and confound our competitors, we must think outside the box and always rely on ingenuity to lead the way. Staying at the forefront of a technology-based industry means staying open to unique ideas and understanding that creativity is just as important as technical know-how.

Quality You’d Purchase Yourself

The metric we use to gauge the quality of our services is simple. We ask ourselves, “If you were on the receiving end of our product, would you consider it to be high quality and high value?”

It’s easy to stand behind quality that meets and exceeds your own personal expectations.

Follow the Numbers

Consistent measurement leads to consistent service. For every promise we make, we put a system in place to monitor service levels and ensure our customers are getting exactly what they paid for.

Staying True to Our Purpose

To generate sustainable profits, attractive investment returns and rewarding career opportunities, Conterra relies on one simple vision. To offer high-value communications services over custom-designed, ultra-high-capacity broadband networks.

When we say our purpose is to enable limitless communications opportunities for our customers, we mean it. Our industry-leading Performance Guarantee puts our commitment in writing and proves it.

Conterra is committed to delivering the fastest and most efficient fiber technology. When you’re ready to implement a network solution specifically designed to meet the needs of your business, let’s talk.