Setting your business up for success in our fast-paced connected world means giving your team the tools they need to keep up. From covering your bandwidth needs to building a reliable, flexible phone system, there’s a lot to think about – and a lot of new technology to understand.

To keep things simple, we’ve put together a short list of business essentials that provide all the infrastructure you’ll need for powerful unified communications.

Let’s dig in!

1. Fiber internet

100% fiber internet service isn’t just faster and more reliable (99.99% network availability), it’s a real investment that can boost productivity for your business.

Think about it. There are countless scenarios where slow internet or a network outage can cost you money.

Fast, 100% fiber internet:

  • Limits employee downtime, while lowering stress and boosting morale
  • Improves productivity through faster page loads and faster downloads
  • Enables multi-tasking across several software applications at once
  • Allows high-performance across multiple devices at the same time
  • Opens the door to cloud computing, video conferencing, remote collaboration, and hosted voice
  • Improves customer service and customer satisfaction
2. Voice

Unified Communications capabilities should meet your demands for today but be flexible enough to allow for growth in the future. Your business needs a single platform that covers all your communications needs while increasing the effectiveness of your network. One Voice scales as needed, with an easy-to-manage platform that fully supports secure remote access, video collaboration, and more.

Upgrading to a hosted voice solution offers a wide range of benefits for your business:

  • Enjoy 100% uptime and crystal-clear call quality without putting pressure on IT resources
  • Offload system management to a service provider
  • Avoid capital expenses and free up IT staff for other initiatives
  • Differentiate your business and look bigger, sleeker and more tech-savvy with auto attendant, call routing, and other modern features without having to hire a dedicated “phone guy”
  • Conterra’s hosted One Voice premium package includes a free WebEx license for desktop and mobile devices
3. Trustworthy partner

The final piece to the puzzle is a telecommunications provider you can rely on.

Conterra Networks builds customized solutions designed specifically for your business. We also do business where you do! Meaning you’ll have access to local support and on-the-ground technicians in addition to our reliable 24x7x365 live support.

Our industry-leading VoIP SLA gives you the peace of mind in knowing your network and related services will work exactly as we say they will, precisely when you need them.

Business Essential packages starting from $249/month

Conterra makes it easy to set your business up with all the essentials for fast, reliable, limitless communications. Prepare for the future with a flexible voice solution and business-class internet that will easily scale for all your bandwidth needs.

Business Essential packages start at just $249/month and can include:

  • Fast fiber internet speeds up to 1 Gb
  • Conterra One Voice with four business lines
  • VoIP SLA

Learn more about Business Essential Packages or call 1-888-266-4836 to speak with your local sales representative.