Just like any other critical business application, it’s vital to keep your business’s unified communications protected and secure. With Conterra Hosted OneVoice, we make it easy to move all your communications needs safely to the cloud.

OneVoice is a hosted VoIP solution, which means the hardware that powers your system is located, managed, and maintained off-site – freeing up your team to do what they do best. Run your business.

The Conterra Hosted OneVoice advantage

There are many benefits to upgrading to hosted VoIP over a traditional analog telephone solution. Conterra OneVoice improves every aspect of internal and external communications, from the quality of your calls to system availability, ease of resource management, service level provided to your customers, and simplicity of expanding your voice solution as your business grows.

  • Crystal-clear call quality on our 100% private fiber network
  • 99.99% reliability
  • Offload management to service provider
  • Free up IT resources for business initiatives
  • Unified communications
  • Tech-savvy customer care with auto attendant, call routing and modern features
  • IP phone technology is flexible and scalable

With Conterra OneVoice, our local team sets up and manages your new system from start to finish, with continued support to make sure your unified communications solution continues to exceed expectations for years to come.

3 service levels to choose from

There are three distinct Conterra OneVoice packages: Professional, Executive, and Premium. Each upgrade in service level provides additional benefits.

And to make building a custom solution easy, we allow the flexibility of selecting a different package for every seat, so you can choose based on the needs of each user.

All Conterra OneVoice seats include:

  • Unlimited long-distance
  • Professional voice installation
  • Site survey & assessment
  • On-site training

Introducing Conterra Hosted OneVoice Premium

Our top-level service package includes two incredibly valuable add-ons to go along with our 100% fiber, ultra-reliable hosted IP phone solution: Managed IP Phone & FREE WebEx!

Discover how these add-ons help your business do even more.

Managed IP Phone keeps your system secure and operating at its peak

Never worry again about updating, handling, repairing or managing phone equipment. Your local service team takes care of everything and Managed IP Phone includes break fix/replacement for the life of your contract!

  • Maintain best security practices
  • Monitor your devices for available updates
  • Install the latest firmware
  • Keep your business within ITSM compliance

WebEx upgrades video conferencing capabilities

WebEx makes it easy to meet from anywhere, with anyone, from any device. It’s the ultimate remote productivity tool and it’s included at no extra charge as part of Conterra OneVoice Premium.

WebEx is user-friendly and provides a single app for all communications scenarios:

  • Calling
  • Meetings
  • Messaging
  • Whiteboarding
  • Asynchronous Video
  • Webinars

Streamline business communications with Conterra’s hosted voice solution

Call 888-266-4836 to simplify and future proof communications at your business with Conterra OneVoice. Choose our premium package with Managed IP Phone and FREE Webex or speak with your local service team to put together the custom unified communications system that’s right for you!